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     Hi, My name is Tim Welsh. I am the owner and sawyer at Welsh Tree Service.

     I began the tree service in 1982 after being laid off as a crane operator for a local steel mill. My background has always been around heavy equipment and a tree service seemed to be a logical direction to take. I have always loved to work outside and I had an early love of all things to do with wood, my earliest memories are of me sitting on my grandfathers work bench in his wood shop watching him work, and smelling the fresh cut wood. As business started to grow I acquired the skills and techniques to excel at what I did.

     Now 30 years later I have been exploring a new chapter in the tree service and instead of selling all my logs to the local sawmills I decided to buy a Woodmiser portable sawmill and start sawing my own lumber for myself and friends. Business has grown and I now saw full time.

     My hobbies are 19th century woodworking using hand tools to create mortise and tenon joinery or dovetails in furniture making. I built my own timber frame wood shop from the lumber that I sawed from the mill to house all the modern equipment to make my life easier! Riding my motorcycles is one of my Passions. I take a week each year to just go riding in the mountains with friends. I have been married to a wonderful wife for 30 years now and we have a German Shepard named Cole.  He is my buddy and wood shop assistant (he cleans up all the scrap wood that falls on the floor and chews them up in the yard) .

     Please take some time and explore the web site for the possible services that I may be able to provide to you. My motto in business has been, and always will be:

Tim Welsh. Welsh Tree Service

Our German Shephard. Cole




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