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Custom Benches

Custom Slab Benches      After many years of sawing , I noticed that certain logs will produce a perfect slab of wood for free form natural edge benches. These slabs are cut from the middle of the log just about the pith or center of the tree. I found this out years ago while taking a break to eat lunch and sat on a log that had been started on the mill, but was taken off for some reason. As I sat on it I noticed how comfortable the edges where to the backs of my legs and the idea popped into my head(why don't you cut it heavy and make a bench out of it) and that is how these came to life. These benches are each, truly one of a kind.

     I have a good selection of Cherry and Walnut slabs in rough form cut specifically for these types of benches. If you would like one produced,please contact me and we will talk the project over and come to an agreement and the project will come alive. These benches are a labor of love, I work on them after work in the evenings in the wood shop with my dog Cole to unwind from the days work.

Different types of finish and woods can be used to make your bench a truly one of a kind piece. If you are interested in a bench feel free to contact us online

Prices range from $500.00 for small ones to $1500 for larger ones


View more of our Custom Bench Creations in our Photo Gallery


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